Fastners & Flexible Lacing

Alliance Conveyor is a whole of Australia distributor for the Minet Lacing Technology (MLT) range of products

French owned and founded in 1947, Minet Lacing Technology has 3 production facilities in France.

An innovative business, MLT is proud of its 70 years of continuous growth and performances in the conveyor belt lacing systems and the technical belts (truly endless splice less belts) industry.


It owns 14 running patents. Quality products, customer satisfaction and innovation are its fundamental values. MLT has over 10,000 square meters of industrial production sites located in France, MLT industrial and technical facilities allow modern production and flexible processes, for quick and immediate delivery.


In recent years, MLT has developed some fully innovative products for splicing light and heavy duty belts (Super-Screw® : flexible lacings to screw, ISC® : splice integrated into the belt, MS® : mechanical fasteners to screw, Clip'N Lock® : mechanical fasteners), which suit perfectly with its customers technical requirement


Alliance Conveyor carries a large range of stock of the MLT product range and can also install the products onto your conveyor systems as required. We also offer full training and technical support of the products


Alliance Conveyor is focused on providing solutions to the materials handling industry across a range of industry sectors such as mining, tunnelling, quarrying, recycling, agricultural and industrial

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