About Us

Alliance Conveyor aims to be the leading provider of Specialised Conveyor Components for Underground Mining, Tunnelling , Quarrying and unique applications by providing custom built solutions to meet the needs of your material handling requirements from the the tail end of the conveyor to the head pulley we can supply everything in between. This includes belt, rollers & structure,Load Point Solutions and Pulleys as well as terminal equipment such as take ups and boot ends.

Alliance is also an industry expert in unique conveying applications including Heat Resistant, Rip Resistant, Oil Resistant, Magnet Belts, Bucket Elevators, Sidewall Belting and Filter Belts applications that challenge your operations and require a specialised product that is designed specifically for your application.

We also stock a large range of skirting materials including fire resistant/anti static approved skirt rubber, fasteners and superscrews ,conveyor repair materials including glues, fillers, polyurethane repairs systems, belt clamps and splicing tools.

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